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Enterpreneurship & Family Affair Since 1853

We endure the long history of the Muff family being involved in the watch, diamond and jewellery business. Since 1853 our family has been trading finest watches, diamonds and jewels. 7 generations of strong personalities have shaped the history of our family in the industry. Our family is undertaking everything to satisfy all our customers desires.


Around the beginning of the 20th century, the 2nd and 3rd generation of Muff family was working as watchmakers in Hochdorf, Switzerland.


Walter Muff-Bedognetti, 5th generation, opens watch and jewellery store in Muri, Switzerland.


Walter Muff Jun., founded his own diamond trading company, Walter Muff fine diamonds. As one of the first Europeans he early got connected with the fast-growing cutting companies in India and built an important partnership with a well reputated diamond cutting company.


Luca Muff, 7th generation, founded the diamonds and jewellery trading company MUFF TRADING AG. He is working in close corporation with Walter Muff fine diamonds.


First generation of our family starts repairing watches in Switzerland.


Gottfried Muff-Furrer, 4th generation, runs family owned watch and jewellery stores in Geneva, Muri and Hochdorf.


Walter Muff Jun., 6th generation, manages diamond trading for Gübelin Group.


Corina Muff, 7th generation, joins Walter Muff fine diamonds. Today she is leading the company as its CEO.